Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Does she still serve t-bones at this hotel?


Wow, it had been a lonnngggg day.....9 hours at Mark and Sylvia's party, running around with Maddie, the Australian Shepherd. I'd forgotten what is was like to be a puppy (I'm big now - almost 2 in human years). Maddie could not understand that her toys are my toys. All the humans were pre-occupied so they did not notice the mischief we were getting in. What a fun party but I was exhausted.

Aunt Lisa let me sleep in her bed that night. We just fell into bed and I snuggled up. My feline cousins - Oliver, Jersey and Homer - were not impressed. I think I have taken their spot in the bed with Aunt Lisa.

Oliver was not impressed; Jersey less so and Homer was just 'confused'. Oliver made this high pitched "mew" at the closed bedroom door but ran off to hide when I tried to greet him under the door frame, barking with tail in full wag, flitting back and forth so much with my usual doggy excitement ("Let's play. Let's play!"). Oliver tore off to the basement to his high perched safe zone atop the wardrobe.

I thought that would fix Oliver but I was wrong. He is not letting me take his territory. Jersey won't either. Poor Homer...he just runs away. I think he has a hiding spot on the closet in Uncle Greg's room. I will leave him alone.

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