Friday, July 24, 2009


Kristin was determined to give me a bath....I really did not want it but I had no choice. And Auntie Lisa wanted me to be nice and clean for my family.

We went for walk down at Port Union community beach. I played in the water, met some dogs and got lots of treats. Then we played rope pull in the backyard. Alison and Kristen made me practice my tricks again....we want to ensure that Michelle is happy with my progress.

Big party tomorrow! I can't wait. Belly scratches, treats and lots of attention are in store for me tomorrow. Yippee!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Really Likin' This Life....

My family better come home soon cause' I am never gonna' want to leave Aunt Lisa. This is the best vacation ever!

Nice Comfy Cat Bed.....

I don't think Homer, Oliver and Jersey will mind if I just curl up in this little cat bed....oooohhh, it just fits me perfectly.....awwww.....see, they are in their cat house and don't seem to mind.

Party Time! I Love A Party!!

So many new people to play with, belly scratches, crumbs and scraps to gobble up off the floor. I have been running around all day. When is Aunt Lisa going to let me go to bed?

My Feline Cousins.

Homer has finally started to come out of hiding. He will now get as close to the 2nd level of his cat house (but he prefers the house on top to stay away from my loud barking).

I thought Oliver was trying to steal Mr. Duck....

MMMmmmmm......Beef Prime Rib Bone. Aunt Lisa Rock's!

This was a great way for Aunt Lisa to get some work done around the house....I was occupied for hours with those two bones.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this a guilty face?

Hee hee. Silly Auntie Lisa. She forgot to take the cat food up off the floor and put if out of my reach of my canine way. I ran into the cat feeding room and scarfed down the bowls of cat food before Auntie Lisa got to me!! Yummy. There is way more chicken in that cat food. Sorry Michelle - Aunt Lisa goofed and Holly got an extra meal. Tomorrow will be a three poop day!